What's New - Q1 2018

Chameleon I.T we provide pragmatic consulting services that allow us to help you get the best out of your software systems and make life easier with a greater level of knowledge and ownership. 

Frequently we are asked what firms should be looking at this quarter, so here are a few suggestions:

  •     Data – this is key; particular with GDPR legislation coming into force – are you confident with what you have got – or do you need this auditing? 
  •     Workflow – have you started to look at this to start aiding/automating processes? 
  •     Excel – a great tool, but a nightmare at the same time – get these inserted into your database 
  •     Portal – are you using one to communicate with your clients yet? 
  •     Empowerment – do your users know/understand how to use their software to do things properly?


Chameleon I.T are a client focused consultancy seeking to deliver IT efficiency gains through software and consulting solutions.

These solutions seek to take existing systems and optimise them in conjunction with adding cutting edge technologies to complement.



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